Testimonials and Awards


Opened for the Clark Sisters Reunion Concert – May 2004

Live TV performance on KHOU Ch. 11, Superbowl Gospel
Pre-show – Jan 2004

Honorable Mention at the Stellar Awards Gospel Star Search – Oct ’03

wonderful job

author: glenn berry/ god’s creation

kathryn wonderful job you are a wonderful blessing to those that hear ya, keep up the good work!!!!
Everytime I listen to this CD I feel so much better about my day

author: Carlfred Giles

I enjoy this whole album. Everytime I listen to this CD I feel so much better about my day, and my faith is recharged. I like I never have to skip a song when I listen to this CD. There are so many times I press repeat and just let a song repeat 2-4 times and start singing right along. Kathryn was blessed with a beautiful voice, and her songs are always right on time. This is one album you should have as part of your gospel collection. Kathryn gives her all in every song she sings. Give Him The Praise is an excellent, excellent album.

A God Given Gift

author: Karen Sutton

Kathryn this just the beginning of what God has for you do. Love the CD. When I am feeling down and out I listen to the Secret Place and my spirit man will come alive.
Keep letting God use you.

CD makes me Praise by crying, shouting, singing and dancing.

author: Jennifer B. Price

This CD makes me want to Praise God by crying, shouting, singing, humming and dancing all at the same time. I go from upbeat dancing to singing intercessory prayers based on the Word of God.  Then I feel so sweet inside as the music causes me just to love on God with adoring melody.  Finally, I combine faith in God with faith in country to round out my whole Prayerful, Joyful Praise.  Please, give me more of this kind of music!!!

This CD is very Inspirational!

author: Ronald J. Materre

Kathryn has a smooth voice that really makes you listen to her and then meditate on the messages in song. Powerful and Anointed!

The Devil is Trembling in Hell because of this Annointed Woman of God

author: Maxie Winner

I think this CD is simply Awesome!Awesome! What else can I say about this annointed woman of God.  The world has better be watching for you…Watch out Stellar Award winner here comes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kathryn Riggins.

I Love This CD

author: Natasha Mack

Where has Kathryn Riggins been? This is truly a great CD. I listen to it everyday on my way to work and it is a blessing. My favorite track is ” You Gave Me”. I can truly witness to the fact that God will give you unspeakable joy in the midst of whatever you are going through. If you haven’t heard this beautiful song bird I encourage you to buy this CD today.

Watch Out Yolanda Adams….

author: Melba Lightning Houston, Texas

My goodness if you haven’t heard this woman sing you are missing a great spiritual awakening. Each song is uplifting and scriptually sound which allows time for refection, worship, and praise. The title track “Give Him The Praise” is off the hook with a lot of energy. It reminds me of Yolanda Adams song “Already Alright.” So if you haven’t picked up this CD, do it today!!!! I promise you it will bless your spirit and refresh your soul. May God Bless You.

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